13 Miles in 31 Days

As you get older, ideas and things change. I know, shocker. But Jay-Z said it best in his 30-something song – the way you look at life just evolves. Such as, in my twenties I was bartending and out till 4am every night, and now I am a mom who wants to run a marathon. At 34, I’m pretty much in the best shape I’ve been in since I was dancer in high school. Which is strange, because you don’t really seem to worry about your health as much until your thirties or you become a mom. Or at least I didn’t – but now I actually want to stick around for a while. Running everyday might not help, but at least I know I’m being proactive for myself and that keeps my mind strong as well. So Yes, I’ll be running 13 miles in 31 days.

Here’s the way I see it – I already walk an average of 10 miles everyday just getting around the city – SERIOUSLY. Get a FitBit and see how much YOU walk everyday – Max and I love to people watch so we enjoy walking more than anything, and when you live in a tiny apartment in the city, it’s great to just be outside. So – if I can already WALK 10 miles, what is 3 more? Oh, and let’s throw a little running in there on the side. I already know I’ll finish, but my goal now is – how fast.

 Marathon Training 101: GET FITTED

Thankfully I have friends who are pros at this or I would just show up in my old Nikes from high school. Don’t do that. And don’t just drop in Nike to buy a pair. Find a real running store (I went to Jackrabbit Sports in NYC – the BEST!) and get assessed. They’re going to have you try on a ton of shoes and watch how you run on the treadmill to figure out just what kind of runner you are –

Do you roll your ankles? Do you have past injuries? Do you need more or less support for less pain?

Who knew so much work went into all this? Well, all I know is I don’t want my toenails to fall off – I enjoy my bi-weekly pedicures. So fitting it was.

There are tons of brands – so go with the one you feel comfortable with – and make sure there’s a little space at that top for your toe – NOT TOO TIGHT. And make sure they don’t slip off your heel when you run.

Here are the favorites:

Janna and Regina: Mizuno

Me: going with ASICS GT 2000 3. I’ll let you know how they work out.

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