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One of my biggest guilty pleasures after coming home from a long day is not having to endure the tedious task of preparing and then cooking dinner. Frozen dinners and Seamless are my bad habit, especially after my train being delayed or when I didn’t have enough coffee that day.

Lucky for our tiny NYC freezers (and wallets), some well-known companies like Healthy Choice have heard the cries of us trying to be well, healthier. Healthy Choice recently expanded its Simply Café Steamers line of microwaveable meals, and launched four new non-gmo options with organic ingredients. In just a few minutes, you can now have a savoy, healthy meal that you don’t have to feel guilty about.

And get this—they’re all made with USDA certified organic ingredients that are non-GMO and still manage to include tasty and flavorful themes that reflect several current food crazes.

Meet your dream team

My favorite out of the four is the Three Cheese Tortellini with spinach in a tomato sauce. The pasta and fresh sauce will have your questioning if it really came from your microwave. I topped mine with some fresh parmesan just to give it a little more Italian flare.

healthy choice 5

Looking for a little kick? The Unwrapped Burrito Bowl has spicy fire-roasted corn and tomatillo sauce that would make the local Mexican restaurant jealous. The Creamy Spinach & Tomato Linguini will give you a healthy dose of veggies while satisfying your carb cravings (and still look good in that bikini for the end of summer). I mean, seriously – do these photos look like the food came out of box? Get out. Frozen meals have come a long way from the “meatloaf and mashed potato” meals that plopped in front of me when it was dad’s night to cook.

healthy choice 4

Lastly, you have the Sweet & Spicy Asian Style Noodle Bowl – just a little bit of kick that is cooled by edamame and udon-style noodles that are great for slurping up while catching up on Netflix.


Each Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer dish comes equipped with a tiny steamer to cook the food purely with steam, and are 270 calories or less. Did I mention they use organic, non-gmo ingredients??  And another win? They may look small portioned in the freezer, but since you’re eating real foods (and gasp, some carbs!) you’re going to feel full and power through your day after noshing on these little healthy beauties.

This is a sponsored post from my brand partner, Healthy Choice. Thank you for supporting Sweaty Stephy!

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