Beyond Meat: The Challenge

Listen, I grew up and am still a happy meat eater, but with so many awful things going into meat these days, I question how much (and just where I choose to eat it). We don’t just pop into a “unrated” Chinese restaurant and order the chicken, you know.

Luckily, Max is a picky eater and doesn’t really like a lot of meats. He will eat chicken nuggets and sausage here and there, but as far as other meats like just random chicken or deli meats – he’ll pass. This has given me a gateway to introduce new ways of eating fruits, veggies and grains without him thinking they’re “veggies.” We’ve gone the smoothie route of blending, veggie burgers and “pasta sauce with finely chopped veggies, but my newest attempt – getting him to eat “meat” that is completely made of plants. Sound skeptical? Me too.

The Beyond Meat Challenge

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Beyond Meat is the future of protein. They bypass the animal all together, and make tasty products like chicken strips, meatballs and beef crumbles – only, you guessed, they’re made of plants! But, they look like chicken? This is the ultimate lie and every mom’s dream if we can pull it off.

I know what you’re thinking – something engineered is always bad – you think GMOs, but we can now re-create plants and protein to look, and taste (think chewing too) like real chicken tenders or meatballs. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie? It’s not. It’s here. These items are 100% plant-based which removes all the bad stuff like GMOs, hormones and antibiotics, and animal fat, but keeps the good stuff like protein. If you don’t believe that I won’t eat crap and fake food – maybe you’ll take some famous athletes words for it, like J.J. Redick, David Wright, and Eric Bledsoe. It’s also been featured in Fortune, The New York Times, and the Today Show.

I attempted a quick and simple taste test on Max. It was rainy, after school and he wanted “chicken nuggets.” Sure! Watch what happens when he tries the Beyond Meat chicken tenders:

I had some employees over to work the other day and decided to “cook them lunch.” We had Cowboy tacos: when out on the range, you need a lot of protein, so cowboy tacos contain “meat” or Beyond Meat FEISTY Crumbles, beans, and avocado. I also usually add garlic, onions and lime juice just like I do on other tacos – think simple!

Want to try out other Beyond Meat recipes? They have a great collection that is Maximo-approved here on their website. PS – many of these are great for tailgating options and/or football parties at home (and kid-friendly as well)!

Where to find Beyond Meat

You know you want to give it a try – and you can find it in these big-time retailers like Target, Whole Foods, Giant Eagle (looking at you Pittsburgh!), Publix, PathMark and Shoprite, among others.

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