Getting Stronger – Why I am Still Running

Ok, so maybe you didn’t grow up in PA and a Rocky junkie like me, but that song and these steps have always been a motivating movie moment in my life. Living in Pittsburgh, I’ve had the chance to run these steps a few times, but today, it was more important to me. I realized that I have the opportunity and the strength to still run up these with momentum. Even after running six miles along the boathouse trail. It may not seem like much in marathon miles, but the fact that six miles comes easy, and I was able to get up and do it at 8am on Sunday morning while on a work trip, well that’s dedication. Did I mention that I am a mom? Bonus points.

I realize that it’s not the distance and it’s not the pace, it’s the guts, the glory and the drive to push yourself to do it. So many times we get up and we go about our days and we make excuses, I’m guilty myself. Wether it’s not to go running, or not to care what we eat, or just just say F it where’s the ice cream (been there too!), it’s the determination and the high after you know you can do it.

I admit that I actually hate running. I do, I am just not a runner, but I have been putting goals and fun into to make it worthwhile. How? Well, here’s a little sneak peek:

The Adventure


Running is always more fun when you run to new places. I learned I was bored running around my neighborhood, so I jumped on the train and I ran Central Park. Then I ran and went hiking upstate New York.

FullSizeRenderThen I ran the Rocky Steps and the boathouse trail on a work trip in Philly. I take my iPod, my phone for snapping some photos and some cash and ID just incase I see something worth checking out along the way. When you make it an adventure, not a chore, it changes the whole dynamic. So, jump on the train, jump in the car and just run a new park, or always throw in some running shoes when you travel. You never know what you’ll find.

The Cause


There is no better way to encourage yourself to get out and do it than when you’re running for someone else or a cause. Last weekend I did a 5K for St. Jude and #ShowYourGold. Listen, if children with cancer can get up and face their lives everyday and still smile, you can get up from your Saturday night hangover and walk/run over the Brooklyn Bridge.

 The Friendship

{{Insert photo from marathon coming soon! Check back to see if I make it!}}

Like I said, I hate running. But living in NYC has really disconnected me from some of my best friends in the world. Yes, we still keep in touch, but being a mom and a few hours away means we aren’t able to catch up over drinks every weekend like we used to. After spending a lot of time in “da burgh” this summer, I realized I don’t want to let these friendships go, and want to make the effort to see them when I can. And so, that means stepping up my game to join them in Baltimore in 14 days to run a 1/2 marathon side by side.

I can’t tell you what it will take you to find your drive, but it’s there if you listen. Realizing that you as a person is hard and we usually push that voice down and hide it. But when you can find it and you figure out what’s important to you (and YOU should be important)…you’ll see how much easier things can be. #letitgo

So, 14 days and counting…let’s see if I make it to the finish line!

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