Mac and Cheese Recipes (Spaghetti Squash) – Top 15 Summer Garden Recipes on Mom It Forward

I.Love.Food. Especially Mac and Cheese. So when I tell you that Mom It Forward added one of my mac and cheese recipes (with spaghetti squash of course!) to their Top 15 Summer Garden Recipes – I was so proud.

My gram would be so proud. After all, it was her that taught me how to bake and cook on the farm. And I’ve come a long ways from the first time I tried to bake chocolate chip cookies myself and forget eggs and they tasted, like, well – let’s just say we fed them to the deer! haha.

mac and cheese recipes

So here is the link again to my Infamous Spagehtti Squash Mac and Cheese Recipes 

*** MIX IT UP.

Yesterday, instead I used some shredded parm cheese and butter, then added bacon and sauteed spinach, corn and tomatoes with garlic and olive oil. Simple and delicious. Even manly enough for Geoff with bacon.

Live it up my friends!

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