My Top 5 Easy Healthy Soup Recipes for Winter

(It’s cold. You’re busy. We all need to eat. So what’s the best thing for dinner during the winter? Soup! And January just happens to be national soup month.  Who is the MASTER of soup recipes? RIGHT HERE! Here are my 5 favorite easy healthy soup recipes to get you through this rigid month. (Plus a fun giveaway at the bottom!)

1. Tortellini Soup

easy healthy soup recipes

This is one of my favorite originals. It’s really easy to add a bunch of veggies here too to sneak them in without the kids realizing!


2. Stuffed Pepper Soup

easy healthy soup recipes

This is one of my favorite hearty winter soups. If you don’t feel like slaving to cook your own Brazilian rice for this (click image for recipe), you can always use Veetee Rice in only two minutes!

3. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

easy healthy soup recipes

If you’re afraid to try and cook squash – don’t be. Throw it in the oven, then puree with a few simple ingredients and you’ll thank me.

4. Potato Soup – with bacon!


Nothing says winter like potato soup. You can throw this one in the slow cooker and come home, or also make on a stovetop. Either way, the crispy bacon on top will leave you satisfied!

5. Simple Chicken and Rice Soup – w/precooked Veetee Rice!

Why reinvent the wheel? Chicken and Rice soup doesn’t have to come from a can, or take up your entire day to make. In fact, make it quick – grab an already cooked chicken from Whole Foods on the way home, and throw in some precooked Veetee rice!


They’re from the UK (and now available in the US) which means they have a higher standard of food regulations. So if you’re worried about all the pre-packaged ingredients don’t be! I love Veetee because it’s all natural RICE that is quick and ready to use in meals when you don’t have a lot of time. Hence my creamed spinach rice where I used their Basmati rice. Look how beautiful it is! AND kids will eat cause they think it’s just “rice” when it’s packed with spinach! #winning


You’ll have a delicious, healthy meal in minutes!



I want to make your life even EASIER. If you don’t own a slow cooker – you should. Or maybe it’s time to upgrade from the one-temp plugin from college – gah. Either way, this Crock Pot will help you prepare delicious, quick meals that you can leave cooking while you’re gone all day and come home to masterpieces. Our grams used them, our moms – so we can do. Stop trying to be Pinterest mom (unless you’re pinning recipes for this!)

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