Play With Your Food: Halos

Well, I am back. As you know, I like to take off January and February every year to reset and take some downtime (between football and work – there really isn’t much come on – but I try to travel less).

But now I am back in the thick of it. I leave for Philly in a couple hours, and was in Woodloch all last weekend and Florida a few days before that.

And it doesn’t seem to want to slow down anytime soon.

Which means, you have to take care of yourself. Long gone are the days of stopping at a fast food pit stop along the way to “grab a bite.” It’s 2017 -year of the health and fitness guru – and you pack healthy, light snacks with you just like your parents did on THEIR road trips. Funny how things come full circle, right?

Ironically, Momtrends and Halos threw this cute little spring crafting session as our “pit stop” on the way to PA. Not only did we grab a huge bag of these Vitamin C power packs for the road, we spend some time learning how to try them in to spring art. Because – everything is art, right!?


At one of our favorite museums in the city, Children’s Museum of the Arts, we spent some time with our fellow mom friends and kids crafting it up before the trek. Since Max is 4 going on 24 in PreK, I could see how it’s been paying off (or maybe it’s Minecraft?). His skills at building are exceptional – so much so that I feel engineering is in his future (STEAM anyone?).


He may not share my love of food and recipes yet, but he is building and creating in his own way, and a mom couldn’t be happier about that. Here are a couple fun craft/food ideas we left with that you can create at  home yourself with your own happy bag of Halos.





  • Halos mandarin
  • Yellow paper
  • Yellow pipe cleaner
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue dots


  1. Cut the chick’s wings from yellow paper. You can create
  2. a feathered effect by cutting little slits into the paper’s edge. Fold them back at the base and secure to the sides of the Halo with glue dots.
  3. Use a yellow pipe cleaner to form the legs and feet.
  4. Fold yellow paper and cut a little triangle for the beak. Use glue dots to add the beak and googly eyes.
  5. Post a photo of your sweet Halos chick with #halosfun.

**As you can see, we also made some Truffula trees for our “chicks” to brood in. We’ve been watching The Lorax a lot lately (and it happened to be Dr. Seuss’ birthday too!), and Max believes that the more trees me make, the more the Lorax just might descend down upon us. I love children’s imaginations and naiveness!

Wonderful Halos Island Breeze Smoothie


2 wonderful halos mandarins, peeled
1 cup coconut milk
1 banana, peeled
1 cup frozen pineapple pieces
1/3 cup of macadamia nuts

**maybe throw in a little protein powder or kale for an extra boost (I can’t help it!)

1. Combine everything in the pitcher of  blender until smooth and enjoy!

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