Running in a Winter “Run”derland

Most people don’t like the cold (evidence – how many people move to Florida when they retire?). But me, I love the snow and cold. I spent a lot of my childhood in Colorado, and wouldn’t change it for any sandy beach. This also means that winter is one of my favorite times to run. You’ve seen me running in the Poconos, and now this winter, I’m out running in the Rocky Mountains. The brisk, thin air makes it a challenge to get used to, but once you acclimate, the runner’s high is even greater (maybe that’s due to less oxygen?).

I have the NYC Half Marathon coming up in March, and while it won’t be “Colorado cold” running through Times Square, training for races at high altitudes not only preps you for better endurance, but the chilly March air will be nothing compared to what I’ve been running these past few months. (It’s true, many skier athletes love to come  up high to work, but head back down to lower elevation right after to flood their bodies with more oxygen – meaning, when I get back, I’ll feel the same).

Winter Weather Apparel Required

img_3355Luckily, the weather out here has been pretty accommodating – averaging around 20-25 degrees daily. That’s warm enough to skip the jacket when you’re being active outside. And that means two of my favorite Mizuno cold weather apparel pieces are getting a lot of action. Their #BreathThermo is critical in cold weather – it pulls moisture away from your skin and pushes it out, instead of trapping it like cotton can, and cause you to actually freeze or even get frostbite! It also generates heat when you’re active in it, meaning, you’re going to get hot and won’t need as many layers – a runner’s dream!

Just as I wore this Breathe Thermo long-sleeve shirt in the NYC 15K Turkey Trot this fall, it’s traveled with me to the Continental Divide. (And keep an eye on social – you’re most likely see me wear it in the NYC Half). They also come with reflective pieces, so even though it gets dark at 4:3o pm, you can head outside and still be seen on dark country roads. Maybe it’s just because it’s the busy season, but you’d be surprised to see how many runners are out here with me.

img_4867Also, gloves. Obviously a necessity, but when you’re running, you get hot, and thin gloves actually make sense. I love these Breathe Thermo Softshell gloves (which also have iPhone useable fingertips and even a place to stash your key!).

List of winter running gear necessities:


What is your winter go-to list? Share so we can all run better this winter!


This is a sponsored post by Mizuno. All opinions are my own. 

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