Training with a Running Stroller: Bugaboo Runner

Training for a marathon is no joke. Luckily, I only have to do a half. Hey, we all have goals, right? If you’ve been following along with my climatic and dramatic novella life of running, then you know that my first half in Baltimore went way better than expected (finished in 2:15), so I immediately signed up to run the half in my favorite city in the world (next to New York City of course) Pittsburgh. Nothing could be better than taking in the the scenery of the da burgh while running over bright yellow bridges and Heinz Field right?

Well, then I realized, training in the winter for a marathon is a lot more difficult than training in the summer – especially with a toddler. Where I would just go run outside, it’s now too cold, and I can’t take a 3-year-old to the gym. So what does a running mom do? Invest in one seriously running stroller.

Finding The Best Running Stroller


The key to a successful run/workout is having a stroller that can run with you.  Just like the three bears, everyone has a different “porridge” or stroller preference. Will you be running more on urban city sidewalks or country dirt paths? Will you be running in cold or tropical weather? Or do you have all four seasons and need a versatile stroller like me here in NYC? Just like I got fitted for the best running shoe (I love and can’t live without Asics), I decided to get fitted for the best running stroller, and for me that was the Bugaboo Runner.You can check out how easy (and fun!) it is to run with the Bugaboo Runner in their video! Here are a few questions to ask before getting a running stroller:

Seasonal terrain. Will the stroller be able to take on wintery sidewalks as well as warm ones (think snow piles and icy patches). You’ll need to make sure the wheels are rubber so they can handle run-ins with cold, hard cement or muddy hills. The large wheels on the Bugaboo Runner allow me to take it with me when I travel to get in a run whether it’s in the Poconos or right in the heart of Manhattan.

Room for bundling. There’s a good chance you’ll be training in the winter at some point, so factor that in when looking for your running stroller. Make sure it has options to sufficiently cover your child so you don’t have an excuse on those exceptionally colder days. The Bugaboo Runner is fitted with accessories like this extendable sun canopy for sunny days or wind protection on wintery mornings, and also offers a rain cover – not excuses, right?

Handling. I have tried three different runners at this point, and the smoothest ride by far is the Bugaboo Runner. The fixed front wheel helps with stability and running on a straight path, but is still easy to maneuver. The alignment allows you to easily glide up curvy mountain paths or uneven city sidewalks (meaning you can also make a quick sneak around that tourist that just stopped in their tracks).

Safety. The last thing you want is to be mid-run and have your stroller run away from you on that hill when you are feeling that new Drake song. Make sure your running stroller has the appropriate safety strap to wrap around your wrist as well as an easily accessible speed-control brake. The Bugaboo Runner has an easy access speed control brake that stretches across the full handlebar, perfect for right or left handed parents.


Compatibility. When looking into a runner, see if the brand you already have has an extension to your current stroller. The Bugaboo Runner is a great addition to any mom who already owns a Bugaboo stroller because it already works with the pieces you already have – any Bugaboo seat can snap into the runner with the use of an adapter (which is my favorite because you can face frontward so toddlers can people watch or backwards so you can watch baby)!

Enjoyment. Just like a car, you don’t buy a stroller without taking it for a mini test spin. Here in NYC, stroller ARE our cars, so once you find one you like, make sure to do a little test run and see how you like it, even if it is around the store. Not ready for just a running stroller just yet? If you’re a city mom like me just needing to get out and walk, we still LOVE our Bugaboo Cameleon for long day walks in the city with its incredible ease and maneuvering (especially in tight coffee shops and grocery stores). **You can find Bugaboo in retailers around NYC such as giggle, Albee baby and Buy Buy Baby. 

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