Weekend Warrior

Last weekend I tried something new for training (as I’m notorious to try crazy new athletic things like aerial yoga, tree climbing and bouldering…). Somehow, I’ve never participated in one of those mud runs -you know, where you literally jump in pools of mud – and when I was invited to the Poconos to try one (and we all know the Poconos is my happy place), I couldn’t resist seeing what it was all about.

The Warrior Dash actually happens in multiple cities around the US, and this one is tame – meaning basically all levels can do it. If you can walk and own a pair of tennis shoes, give it a try. Yes you’re going to crawl under some barb wire and slide down a massive slide into a mud pit, but it’s all in the name of fun – and charity! Plus, you get free beer at the end.


Tips for your first Warrior Dash

I think it would be best to know how to prep for these, so here are my top tips:

1. Donate your shoes. You can leave them for donation after your run (they even clean them!) so bring a pair of flip flops to walk back to the car in.

2. Bring a towel! You’ll find Delta Faucet on-site with this semi turned public shower where you can rinse off. Trust me, it’s going to take a few minutes, and you’re going to praise Delta for these great hand-held sprayers that will let you get those bits of rocks and chunks of mud in crevices you didn’t know existed on your body (and you can even get one to use at home, here!).


3. Bring your singing game! If you really want to have fun, try out the Delta Faucet karaoke shower! We know you sing in the shower, so why not entertain the crowd with your really (really) bad rendition of “Friends In Low Places.” No shame, here! You can see lots of fun videos and posts by checking out the hashtag #happimess.


4. They have lockers for your phone. We all know we want photos! But this is one course you don’t want to lose it on. They have free bag checks or personal lockers you can buy and store them in for $5-$15.

5. Bring cash! There is water on the course, but not before. If  you want to grab a bottle before you head out (or a beer!), you’ll need a couple dollars for cold agua.

6. Have fun! These aren’t races for personal records, it’s to go out and challenge yourself and do something out of the ordinary. Dress up in fun outfits (we saw an entire clan of Minions), rock a tutu or some body glitter and just do it!


Note: I will definitely be doing this race again next year (hello, it’s for St. Jude AND it’s in the Poconos, so if you want to join me, shoot me a message). 

I was sponsored by Delta Faucets to run Warrior Dash 2016, but all opinions and words are my own. 

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