This Boutique Fitness Class Now Lets Kids Get Ripped

Fulfilling personal fitness goals with a busy schedule can be challenging, especially when you have kids to fit in your already busy schedule. And, with school back in session, finding after-school activities that keep kids active and more “fit” might be somewhat of a challenge. While there is a lot of sports programs, most boutique gyms around NYC do not provide options for children, and that can be troublesome to a parent whose schedule has limited time for even their own gym routines. Fortunately, RIPPED FITNESS provides kids classes for “Lil Rippers” ages 9-11 or “Rippers in Training” ages 12-14.

Starting right after-school at 4:30pm, you and your mini Ripper can squeeze in a workout and still have time for homework.

What to expect?

 If you haven’t been before, the adult classes rotate between strength and endurance intervals with weights and treadmills. Kids can expect the same sort of experience, but catered to younger ages and abilities. These classes help give a reason and time to the whole family to work on their own fitness journeys while kids get to have fun with friends. Stress-less moms; your fitness goals CAN be achieved!


Want to try a free trial class? Call them up today….


Where to Find Ripped Fitness:

Located at 1432 2nd Ave




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