The Powerhouse (Humane) Egg Muffins Everyone’s Raving About Right Now


September and the forthcoming fall means a reset for us back at home. We get so swept away in summer travel, bad eating habits and lax exercise schedules that back-to-school also brings a nice structured scheduled back into our lives. I may thrive in chaos, but I still love a good organized week. This also includes scheduling meals in advance and prepping those meals on Sunday – preferably during a Steelers game haha.

Sunday Brunch + Nellie’s

nelliesNew Yorkers are notorious for their brunching habits, but sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy a day at home among the rat race. And one of my favorite things to do is make a massive brunch spread for Max and I that also preps us for the week. He gets his abundance of protein pancakes, and for myself – I make egg muffins.

The best part about egg muffins is that you can add to them whatever you want. I puff these babies full of good stuff to ensure I start my days with veggies, greens and protein – and of course, the perfect base – Nellie’s eggs. We’ve been huge fans of Nellie’s for a long time. These free-range, certified humane eggs mean these hens live the life. They have no cages and basically roam the farm to peck and terrorize every worm in the vicinity.

If you don’t think WHERE your food is coming from matters – you should. But that’s an entirely different article.

Powerhouse Egg Muffins


Start with one dozen eggs (one for each cupcake mold in the cupcake baking pan). Scramble these all in a large bowl. Start adding your ingredients.

This week we included Cabot’s Cheese Garlic and Herb (another seriously humane company which is actually a certified B corporation), peppers, kale, onion, basil, cilantro and spinach.

Pop these into the oven for about 20-25 min at 350 degrees (or when you can see the egg is fully cooked!). That’s it!

cabot2Not only do these taste delicious, but they’re doing you a favor when you eat them. I make the full 12-muffin batch and then place two-per-bag in the fridge for the week. I pop them in the toaster over for 7 minutes in the am, wrap in foil and throw in my bag to eat on the commute into the city.

Not only are you saving yourself $10 on breakfast or some fancy smoothie, but you’re also saving yourself time in the ams, and you just FEEL better knowing you’ve prepped for the week and have these ready to go.

Prep time to make (WITH the pancakes): 30 min.

Now go take that nice Sunday nap you deserve as well.

This is a sponsored post by Nellie’s egg and Cabot Cheese but all opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting Football Food and Motherhood. 

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