Tools That’ll Help you (Yes I Mean It) Become Healthier in 2018!

Holidays are a time that we tend to enjoy indulging and not caring about those extra calories, what’s actually in our foods, or getting little sleep and just spending money like it’s free. But when New Years is about to hit, we all turn on overdrive and scramble to choreograph these intricate goals to help erase any and all bad decisions we may have made. What most of us lack, is help with staying on track or sticking to those goals. But what we’ve seen is the term “resolutions” is what really make it hard to attain. Instead, you need to strive for life changes that are easily managed into your everyday life. Little changes are easier to stick to – and help you make progress that lead to BIG change.

1. Reusable Gallon Jug Bottle

Water intake is just as important as anything else for your body. Ample water will help with not only hydration, but also it helps aid in reducing bloating, weight loss (yes it does!), and clear skin. Other bottles do exist but a constant need to refill can be tedious especially when the recommended intake is around a gallon or more. These Reusable Gallon Jugs are BPA-Free and made with Tritan material sturdy for over and over use.

Where to get it: jugs such as these range from $9.99-$16 and they are available in multiple locations such as Bodybuilding Amazon and Vitaminshoppe.

2. A Journal

Recording food as well as exercises is essential to tracking progress and creating a routine. Memorization can only help us so much in that process to where we need a way to track and organize our fitness goals and execution. Ones such as FitBook, allow you to track progress weekly, set programs and goals for future dates, and provide some motivation throughout the book itself. It also makes the task of writing down what you ate throughout the day a little bit easier. Aside from just the standard logging, there are spaces for vitamins, water intake and sleep schedule as well as weekly wrap-up pages to make rewards for your progress and reflect on your week. Maybe you want something prettier, or to write intensions each week – whatever it is – a journal is great for tracking your personal achievements so you can look back and see how far you have come.

Where to buy it: Amazon for $16.76

3. Chemical-Free Beauty Products

We’re good about cutting out the bad things we eat, but what about the chemicals we put on our bodies. A great trend to watch in 2018 is many more big brands offering quality products – like NatureWell that’s available at Sam’s Club – that’s free of preservatives, artificial colors and of course isn’t tested on animals. Plus it’s made with natural ingredients like coconut oil that naturally smells incredible and feels like angel wings on your skin.

Where to buy it: for only $8.98.

4. Reading Up on Health

It’s time to put down the electronics and pick up a good book. There’s nothing better than winding down at night curled up with a good read (plus there are tons of studies to tell you how bad that blue light is for your sleep!). So why not try reading something that will help you make better decisions for 2018? One on our radar is The Dental Diet by Dr. Steven Lin. Your mouth is the mirror of health and disease in the body, and Dr. Lin discusses things like, if you want to prevent disease, you have to address your oral health first.

Where to buy it: Amazon for 25.99.

5. Resistance Bands

Not only are gym memberships costly, they can be intimidating if you aren’t sure which equipment and machines to use. One great way to start working out regularly is incorporating resistance bands like Prime Fitness Loop Bands into your daily routine. These small bands are compact and easy to use, and can be used in a multitude of ways – and anywhere from your living room to your hotel room. There are four different levels of resistance difficulty ranging from 10 lbs to 25 lbs which allows you to track your progress based on which bands you can use.

Where to buy itAmazon for about $9.99 or for only $2.99 from other brands such as TRX.

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